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Corporate Services Team

The corporate services team are at the hub of essential business based services offered across the entire organisation. Our team provide:

Finance and payroll;

Information and Communication Technology service and support;

Buildings and grounds maintenance;

Human Resources, including recruitment;

Data collection, research and reporting;

Funding and contract management;

Project management; and

Operations management.

Our corporate services team also includes our Executive Management, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer and Chief Finance Officer.

You will find a friendly team of staff happy to assist with your queries.

Mobile Clinic

Locations & Dates
Norseman, Esperance
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Laverton, Mt Margaret, Mulga Queen, Menzies
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Norseman, Esperance
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Clinical Services

16-18 MacDonald Street, Kalgoorlie
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Telephone: (08) 9022 5500
Facsimile: (08) 9091 1302

Specialist Clinic Schedules

Dental Weekly/Mondays/Tuesdays

Obstetrician Weekly/Wednesdays

Physio Weekly/Fridays

Podiatry Fortnightly/Thursdays

ENT Monthly/Mondays

Diabetes Monthly/Thursdays

Ophthalmologist Monthly/Mondays/Fridays

Renal Monthly/Wednesdays