Code of Conduct Policy;
Internal Communication Strategy Policy;
Cultural Safety Policy;
Social Media Policy;
Computer, Email and Network Policy;
Computer Information Security Policy;
Complaints Policy;
Privacy Policy;
Confidentiality Policy;
Anti-discrimination Policy;
Internal Review Policy;
Intellectual Property Policy;
Risk Management Policy


Clinic Policy and Procedure Manual
Please refer to the above Clinic Policy and Procedure Manual for full information relating to our Clinics Policies and Procedures, Including but not limited to:
Item 1.6 – Consultation Fees (Bega is a Bulk Billing Service) – Page 7
Item 4.10 – After Hours Service Policy – Page 65
Item 4.22 – Privacy and personal Information – Page 86
Item 4.30 – Transfer of Client Records – Page 106
Item 4.37 – Follow up of Test Results and Referrals – Page 122
Item 5.4 – Training, Qualifications and Continuing Education Policy – Page 156
COVID-19 Safe Workplace Policy
Survey Results (2018);
Survey Results (2022)
Practice Privacy Statement;