What is My Health Record?

This is your personal health information. This will be kept online.

Healthcare professionals can add:

  • Information from your doctor about what medications you take.
  • Hospital letters.
  • Reports from scans and blood tests.
  • Referral letters from doctors.

Medicare information can be added to your record.

This can be taken off if you do not want it there.

You can add your:

  • Emergency contact numbers.
  • Medications you take.
  • Allergy information.
  • You can add your Advance Care Plan.

This means planning early about what you want if you get very sick.

How will My Health Record help you?

My Health Record will let:

  • You access your own health information.
  • Healthcare professionals see your information in an emergency.
  • Doctors know important things about your health like what tests you have had and what medications you take.

This will help to keep you healthy.

Your information will be kept safe

Someone you trust can look after your record if you cannot do it yourself. You can choose which doctors or healthcare professionals see your records. You can stop people from seeing some things like test results or medicines you take. Doctors will be able to see your information if there is an emergency.

What do you have to do?

Your My Health Record will be set up for you. If you do not want a My Health Record you must tell us or your local health service. You must tell us before 15 November 2018. You can tell us by phoning the helpline on 1800 723 471 or going to our website at www.MyHealthRecord.gov.au.

Download MyHealthRecord Factsheet