Please also note that services are not available on public holidays, Bega Clinic closures or from time to time due to availability of the service provider. Contact the Specialists clinic on (08) 9022 5500 for further information regarding eligibility for scheduling an appointment. 

Dental Health Services

This service is strictly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients with a Centrelink and Concession Card. No referral is required for this this Dentist. This Dental Clinic is mainly for adults and occasional Pre-schooler, however School aged children need to see the School Dentist. Clients are encouraged to attend early as places are limited.

Dental Solutions Kalgoorlie

This Service is for Bega clients who are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent who do not have a Health Care Card, Centrelink or Concession Card, are able to access our Bega-funded dental service in partnership with Dental Solutions Kalgoorlie. Eligibility criteria must be met including a doctor referral from a Bega GP which must be provided at the time of booking.

Bega clients with Health Insurance are encouraged to bring in their health insurance card to make claims. There are no out of pocket charges. Services are limited to general dental services including cleans, extractions and fillings.