Specialist Clinic

Bookings are preferred but clients are welcome to walk in and wait for an available space if one comes available.

Some specialists have long waiting lists so we really appreciate the call if you’re unable to attend. Reminders are also sent out via Letter 14 days before your appointment and text messages are sent 24 hours before your appointment.

For all appointments call Specialist Clinics: (08) 9022 5500

Dental Services

Dental services are provided by Dental Health Services and Dental Solutions Kalgoorlie

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Physiotherapy services are provided by Addlife Health

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Diabetes Clinic

We provide education to self-manage diabetes effectively and prevent complications and help you understand diabetes

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Kidney Specialist - Nephrologist

Nephrology services are provided by Dr Sean George

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Hearing Clinic

Hearing Clinics are provided by Australian Hearing

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Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

ENT Clinics are provided by Dr George Sim

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Obstetrics Clinic

Obstetrics Clinics are provided by Dr Joanna Keen

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Podiatry Clinic

Podiatry Clinics are provided by Goldfields Podiatry

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Immunisation Clinics are provided by Bega's Nurse Immunisers

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Optometry Clinics are provided by Deadly Newton Optometrists

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Opthamologist/Eye Specialist

Ophthalmologist Clinics are provided by Lions Outback Vision

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Paediatric Clinics are provided by Dr Amanda Wilkins

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Mobile Clinic

Locations & Dates
Southern Goldfields
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Southern Goldfields
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Clinical Services

16-18 MacDonald Street, Kalgoorlie
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Telephone: (08) 9022 5500
Facsimile: (08) 9091 1302

Specialist Clinic Schedules

Dental Weekly

Obstetrician Weekly

Physio Weekly

Podiatry Fortnightly

ENT Quarterly

Diabetes Monthly

Ophthalmologist Monthly

Renal Quarterly